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Company Profile

Benfield ATT Limited is a private, independently owned, limited company with hundreds of years collective knowledge and experience of the timber, construction and timber engineering industries.

The Past
Some 30 years ago a Swedish manufacturer established a company to import, sell and build its advanced timber system houses in the UK.  In 1995, responding to UK market and Building Regulation demands for even higher specifications, they founded Advanced Timber Technology Ltd (ATT) as their tied manufacturing and service arm.  Initially called Abbachus Ltd, ATT implemented a programme of continuous research and development to ensure that its reputation for the highest quality, enhanced energy efficient products was maintained.  

As well as employing advanced timber technology to manufacture its own panel systems, ATT developed a unique capability to design, deliver and erect buildings on difficult to access and minimal size sites.  This stems from the limitations increasingly forced on individual ‘self builder’ clients by competition from commercial builders and developers to acquire more easily developable sites.  With most projects being for ‘one off’ buildings, ATT’s assessment starts with a site’s potential as well as limitations.

Progressively this extensive experience of collaborating with owner developers, solving design and logistics problems, and providing individual, corporate and government clients with practical, cost effective solutions to achieve their objectives, has grown into a much sought after capability.  In 1999 this lead to ATT taking the ‘Best of Show’ award at the Alexandra Palace ‘Self Build Show’, then, in partnership with international architects Austin Smith Lord, to it winning the national competition for system build Schools led by Essex, for whom it delivered several turn key projects, and the City Learning Centres project, the first of which has been built at Waltham Forest.  

Besides designing, manufacturing and erecting a range of residential, community, educational and health buildings for the UK mainland, ATT also manufactured and supplied structures to the Channel Islands, the Falkland Islands, the Isle of Man, and the Scottish Isles.  Negotiations for further export contracts to Spain and Ireland are currently in hand.

The Present
In October 2002 Benfield Constructions Ltd acquired the Company, and changed its name to Benfield ATT (BATT).  Situated in South Wales, our factory is staffed with a dedicated work force where traditional skills are complimented by the highest levels of quality control.  Latest CAD technology and a generation's experience and expertise ensure production line accuracy and result in a perfect fit of all components on site.  

Our approach is based on the provision of a service tailored to individual requirements.  We are completely flexible and can cover everything from design appraisal right through to site supervision.  Prior to manufacture timber is stored under cover in a purpose made facility to ensure that it has the correct moisture content at the assembly stage.  Our Specialist Projects Division provides solutions for complex structures where a high degree of "Advanced Timber Technology" is required.  Between them our own "in house" Structural Engineering and Architectural departments can transform even a basic idea into a true art form.  With all structural timber stress graded and double vacuum treated against vermin and fungal attack, the choice is yours.  

Today, building on years of research and development, Benfield ATT is pleased to provide even higher levels of quality, energy efficiency, and attention to detail for our growing market of discerning, environmentally concerned, cost conscious home builders, developers, contractors, architects, surveyors, quango’s and governmental authorities.  

The Future
Nationally recognised for our ‘problem solving’, as well as high quality design and manufacturing skills, Benfield ATT is increasingly working with award winning architects, like David Sheppard, on his (literally) ground breaking balanced cantilever design for a dental clinic in Exeter.  In consequence, our ability to turn advanced architectural innovations into practical, functional buildings is becoming a hallmark of our competence as structural timber engineers. 

We are currently developing a "partnering" approach to delivering "best value" total solution to any building problem.  This includes helping architects and building owners squeeze even greater value out of their project by devising fully detailed, essential education and training services to help both main and sub-contractors adapt their skills to the effective and efficient use of timber structures.

Besides manufacturing directly for the leisure, commercial, overseas and builders' markets, Benfield ATT now caters directly for "self builders", as well as providing even higher levels of quality, energy efficiency, ecological concern, and attention to detail for the growing system build markets that, like the UK Government, recognise the import role of timber in addressing the vitally important global concern for long-term sustainable development.

Indeed training, as well as research and development, is beginning to feature prominently in our business mix as we move forward to the next generation of specialist timber engineered building systems.  Directly addressing central government’s call for greater efforts to be placed on the benefits of time, cost, waste reduction and long-term sustainability that this affords, Benfield ATT is well placed to deliver both standard and unusual structures to suit most needs.


Wherever you are ... Whatever you need ....

'Better Build Benfield'

"... the sustainable way to build ..."

United Kingdom Accreditation Service, certifying your timber frame project is manufactured and erected to reliable and quality ISO 9001:2000 procedures SGS - Society General de Surveillance ensures that quality systems and procedures are used in the design, manufacture and erection of your engineered timberframe structure is of the highest standard FSC - Forest Stewardship Council - FSC Timber Frame certification. Benfield ATT hold Chain of Custody certification for the Design, Sales, Manufacture & Distribution of Engineered Timber Structures – FSC endorsed by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and WWF and EcoHomes Investors in People, Benfield ATT are one of a few timber frame companies to hold an award for the training and ongoing development of their people and service

Chartered Building Consultancy - timber frame, OSM (off-site manufacture) and engineered timber structure advisors. Timber Research and Development Association – our work with TRADA ensures high quality, eco-friendly engineered Timber Frame build projects. The Green Register of Construction Professionals - Benfield ATT's membership demonstrates our passion for environmentally sustainable timber frame self-builds, new homes, schools and social housing for local housing authorities AECB - Association of Environment Conscious Building – our FSC certified timber frame is endorsed by The Ecology Building Society Impact Upon Society Big Tick Award from Business in the Community – BITC – award-winning timber frame company within the Timber-frame industry TRA - Trussed Rafter Association – our membership assures Timberframe Trusses, Trussed Rafters, roofs and complex and innovative roofscapes are quality HBF - the only developer partnering timber frame company to be members of the House Builders Federation. Wales Quality Centre – members and committee members, we ensure the highest quality, especially when coupled with ISO 9001, FSC certification and Q-Mark Plus standards RICS - Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, assures our customers of our professionalism in wood and timber frame building and developing and surveying

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