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"... the sustainable way to build ..."

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How to Design Your Self-Build 
Green Dream Home

"Easy Peasy" Steps to your 'Self Build' Green Dream Home

With Benfield ATT's new homes it's easy to make changes to the design before the architectural plans and elevations have been engineered and the special structural timbers precision cut to fit your specification. Our professional staff can help with the process of making these changes to any floor design. Or, you may wish to design your dream home and create your own house plans from scratch, in which case we are ready and willing to help with this process as well.


Trying Out a Modern Architectural Software Package

You may also wish to try out one of the many house design software packages that we have available to help you become the designer of your own new dream home, room in the roof loft conversion, or home extension.  Prices have dropped considerably over the years for this type of software, and the skills required to use them have become easier to learn.  Now, anyone with the patience to learn them can achieve quite impressive results in a few hours.  Additionally, most of these software packages offer 3D views of your home design, helping you really convey how you want your dream home, renovations, or extension to look when built and occupied. 



Or Using Simple Old Fashioned, Pencil and Paper!

If talk about computer aided design (CAD) software seems daunting, simply just try sketching your home with good, old fashioned pencil and  paper.  We have provided ‘How to Design Your Dream Home’ guidelines below.


Your Guide to Design - a Starting Point

If you are considering designing your home from scratch, or making alterations to any of our standard home designs, please keep in mind the following information.  If you use this guide to help you create a VERY rough preliminary sketch or doodle, this will provide us with a starting point to help us better understand your thoughts and house design ideas .


Begin with Your 'Bubble' design

Start with a series of simple "Bubbles" to represednt all your major living spaces, relating these to North, South, East and West

On a blank piece of paper, mark North, South, East, and West along the four sides. Then draw bubble shapes for all the major living spaces.  Identify each room e.g. "K" for kitchen, "B" for bathroom, "Bed" for bedroom, "L" for living room, "C" for Conservatory, "S" for Sun Lounge, "U" for utility room, "D" for dining room, etc.. Now  play around with the 'bubble' shapes. With this 'bubble' technique you can create a very good sketch of the relationship you want between the different spaces in your new dream home. It can help if you also think about which direction you would like these living spaces to face. For example , if you want the morning sunrise to stream into your kitchen it should have windows that face towards the east.


Now Change those bubbles

Change your "Bubbles Plan" to be more representive of your self build dream homes floor plans

When you have a good idea of how you want all of the living spaces in your home to interrelate with one another, change your 'bubbles' so that they are more representative of your dream home's floor plans. Take some time to look over some of our pattern book example home plans.  Let these give you a better understanding of how each floor is meant to look. Don't worry too much about the dimensions,  so long as the rooms look reasonably in proportion to each other.


Then write in some of the sizes you want each room to be

Mark on the room size dimesnions of your self build timber frame dream home design

Now you have something resembling a rough floor plan and its time to mark on some of sizes you'd like your rooms to be.  You should also indicate the location and size of windows, French doors, patio doors, and external doors that you want to be included.  It is not necessary  to mark on every measurement, just the widths and depths will suffice. However, do make sure you write in the overall width and depth of each floor. This is also a good time to do a rough sketch of how you would like each elevation to look. 


What To Do Next
Finally, send us your rough floor plans - and elevations if you have sketched them out - together with any other information, like plot width, plot depth, land slopes, and surrounding properties, and photo's of the site and, or buildings on it, that you may have.

You can e-mail these to us at:-

      or Fax:them to

 +44 (0)1291 437 050

      or Post them to:-

Benfield ATT Ltd
Castle Way
Monmouthshire NP26 5PR
United Kingdom


    • REMEMBER!  You can send us any type of plan, rough sketch, doodle, designers sketch, .or idea from any source you like

    • REMEMBER!  Asking us to look at your plans and ideas places you under no obligation whatsoever.  We are only too happy to provide initial assistance and guidance to help you to realise your dreams.

    • REMEMBER!  Besides designing, engineering, manufacturing and erecting engineered  timber structures, we also provide surveying, town planning, setting out, project management, landscape and garden design, and interior design services.  We can also carry out the full build, or arrange local building contractors for you. Also, if for any reason we are unable to build your dream home we may well know another firm who can. 

    • ... and REMEMBER, Benfield ATT can provide you with 


 All the information and help you need for:-

    • Self-Build Homes

    • Kit Homes

    • Timber Frame Homes

    • Designs In Timber Frame

    • Custom Built Homes

    • Timber Frames and Self Build Energy Efficient Homes

    • Timber Frames for Self-Builders

Our state of the art, off-site, prefabricated manufacturing plant for modular system building componetns, timber frames, trussed rafters, pre-hung door sets, etc.


So, if you are looking for information regarding Timber Frame Homes, Custom Homes, Cedar self-build homes, or building plots, contact Benfield Advanced Timber Technologies, now!

The uk self-builders number one stop for selfbuild kit houses and diy homes.


Superior Knowledge ... for the askingSoaring roofs, ceilings and all of your free flowing structures in glulam (glue laminated wood) structures
Benfield ATT know a lot about timber frame house building and self build, so whether your are a house-builder, developer, contractor, selfbuilder, or DIY enthusiast, let us guide you through the maze. Our technical and design specifications for Timber Frames are both superior in standard to any other supplier in the UK and extremely cost effective to you the customer

Think Timber Frame Homes - think Custom Homes - think self-build Benfield ATT.

If you have any questions or queries regarding any aspect of our eco-friendly houses, Timber Framed Houses, Timber Structures, Timber Engineering, Timber System Building Solutions or the wide range of timber frame houses, Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Leisure Lodges, Community and Village Halls, or other buildings we provide, then please feel free to contact us by either calling the number on the site or emailing us.


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 Adding Dimensions      What To Do Next         All the Information & Help You Need     
 Superior Knowledge


Wherever you are ... Whatever you need ....

'Better Build Benfield'

"... the sustainable way to build ..."

United Kingdom Accreditation Service, certifying your timber frame project is manufactured and erected to reliable and quality ISO 9001:2000 procedures SGS - Society General de Surveillance ensures that quality systems and procedures are used in the design, manufacture and erection of your engineered timberframe structure is of the highest standard FSC - Forest Stewardship Council - FSC Timber Frame certification. Benfield ATT hold Chain of Custody certification for the Design, Sales, Manufacture & Distribution of Engineered Timber Structures – FSC endorsed by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and WWF and EcoHomes Investors in People, Benfield ATT are one of a few timber frame companies to hold an award for the training and ongoing development of their people and service

Chartered Building Consultancy - timber frame, OSM (off-site manufacture) and engineered timber structure advisors. Timber Research and Development Association – our work with TRADA ensures high quality, eco-friendly engineered Timber Frame build projects. The Green Register of Construction Professionals - Benfield ATT's membership demonstrates our passion for environmentally sustainable timber frame self-builds, new homes, schools and social housing for local housing authorities AECB - Association of Environment Conscious Building – our FSC certified timber frame is endorsed by The Ecology Building Society Impact Upon Society Big Tick Award from Business in the Community – BITC – award-winning timber frame company within the Timber-frame industry TRA - Trussed Rafter Association – our membership assures Timberframe Trusses, Trussed Rafters, roofs and complex and innovative roofscapes are quality HBF - the only developer partnering timber frame company to be members of the House Builders Federation. Wales Quality Centre – members and committee members, we ensure the highest quality, especially when coupled with ISO 9001, FSC certification and Q-Mark Plus standards RICS - Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, assures our customers of our professionalism in wood and timber frame building and developing and surveying

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